Summer is high season for pollen, for intense sunshine, and bites and stings.  Therefore, it is always a good idea to prepare yourself with supplements and creams.  The whole family will benefit from having allergy medication, sun care treatment and protective ointment prepared and ready for June.


Here are the three main product categories you should be shopping from in preparation for the warm months ahead.


Allergy Control

  • Spring, moving into summer, will bring out plant life which has remained dormant during winter. 


  • That means higher rates of pollen, which could lead to itchy, sore and irritating hay fever.  Hay fever is a common summertime complaint for people of all ages.


  • There are many supplements and specialised medicines you can take to fight against pollen and hay fever.


  • Antihistamines are typically recommended and can be prescribed to you by your GP or nurse.  You can also buy anti-allergy medicines over the counter with your local pharmacist.


  • You can also naturally top-up against the threat of allergies.  Keep control of your vitamin intake during the summer months.  Vitamin C, in particular, helps boost your immune system.  Therefore, it will prepare your body better for the threat of irritating pollen and hay fever.


Sun Care

  • We all react differently to the sun.  However, staying out in direct sunlight too long could have damaging effects on your skin.


  • Sunburn, for example, is a short-term problem which can be painful and irritating if left untreated.


  • It is a good idea to look for sunblock and ointment with high SPF ratings.  The higher the rating, the more protective it will be against the sun’s rays.


  • If you are preparing your family for days out in the sun, look for sunblocks and creams which are specially formulated for children.  These treatments will be kinder to their skin.


  • There are also sensitive skin creams and after-sun treatments.  After-sun cream is recommended if you suffer sunburn despite having tried to prevent it.


  • Some people may suffer from heat rash.  This occurs when our sweat channels are blocked off, leading to inflammation.  Supplements high in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 will help to protect your skin against potential rashes.


Bite and Sting Protection

  • Bugs, bees, wasps and mosquitoes are more active in summer.  Therefore, you may be more susceptible to bites and/or stings.


  • You can prevent attacks by using deterrent sprays and creams.  Many of these are made organically, which means bugs will be dissuaded from landing on you.


  • Ointments, creams and topical treatments are also recommended in the event of severe stings or substantial bites. 


  • These are available in many forms, some formulated for sensitive skin, and some which are water-resistant.


  • It is always a good idea to avoid aggravating wasps or bees.  Avoiding high populations and refraining from attacking stinging insects is always recommended.


There are many ways to stay safe and healthy this summer.  Do enquire with your pharmacist or GP for more details.