Aloe vera is a plant with incredible medicinal power. It has been a popular source of nutrients for centuries. You will commonly find the plant extract in cosmetics, beauty products and even in supplements.

Here are just five fantastic ways aloe vera could help boost your everyday health and wellbeing:

It’s Antibacterial

  • Aloe vera is famously antibacterial.  That is due to the number of compounds it possesses. 
  • The plant contains antioxidants or polyphenols.  These, working with other compounds, help to stave off harmful bacteria.
  • Aloe vera is therefore commonly used to help support immune systems.  If you are prone to illness or are at risk, supplements may be recommended.
  • You may commonly find aloe vera extract in hand washes and gels as a result of its natural germ-fighting powers.

It Could Help Digestion

  • Our digestive systems benefit from aloe vera’s aloin compounds. 
  • These compounds, found in the plant’s latex, may help to keep our bowel movements regular.
  • The latex is thought to have laxative effects.  Therefore, it is commonly recommended for people who may be suffering from constipation.
  • Studies which have suggested aloe vera may help certain bowel and digestive diseases are unfounded.  However, research is always ongoing.

It Can Help Our Teeth

  • Amazingly, aloe vera also helps to support healthy teeth and gums.  When added to toothpaste or mouthwash, it is proven to help reduce plaque buildup.
  • It may also help to relieve other periodontal conditions.  For example, gum inflammation, gingivitis and sores may be soothed by aloe vera.
  • It is also recommended to people who suffer from chronic conditions of the mouth.  Those experiencing intense pain from mouth sores or other conditions report gentle soothing of discomfort with aloe vera.

It’s a Fantastic Topical Support

  • Aloe vera’s benefits also carry over to our skin.  It can be used to help treat burns and sores.  Studies have shown that applying the plant extract as a topical cream could speed up healing time.
  • Research is ongoing concerning aloe vera’s effects on other sores and lesions.  However, it can often be used as part of a sun care regime.
  • Many people also use aloe vera to help improve the appearance of skin.  It is often found in cosmetics.  That is because studies have shown it may help to restore elasticity in the skin.

It May Help Diabetics

  • Aloe vera is also popularly used to support blood sugar.
  • Specifically, the plant extract may be used to support the lowering of blood glucose.
  • This is thought to be as a result of the extract’s hypoglycaemic nature.  Research, however, is still ongoing.
  • Other studies have reported that aloe vera may be used to help improve a body's responsiveness to insulin.  It may help to increase how sensitive we are to insulin, and can, therefore, help us to manage our sugars more efficiently.

Aloe vera is amazingly powerful.  However, it should always be used in moderation.  Always consult your GP or your pharmacist if you have any specific queries.