Dry skin is a problem millions of people struggle with. However, there are many ways to avoid losing moisture and methods of protecting and revitalising your skin all year round.

1.   Opt for Gentle Cleansing

Our skin can dry up quickly if we wash to thoroughly. It can also lose moisture if we use products which are rich in chemicals.

#. Gentler cleansing products and soap will be kinder to your skin.
#. Antibacterial soaps, while protective, may dry up your skin through constant use.
#. Gently exfoliate regularly.
#. Avoid products which contain alcohol.

      2.   Avoid Rough Sponges and Cloths

      While cloths and sponges are designed to be used for body cleansing, they can be rough and coarse on sensitive skin.

      #. Overuse of scrubbing brushes and certain cloths can lead to skin dryness.
      #. To avoid losing moisture, consider using gentle sponges or avoiding scrubbing brushes altogether.
      #. If you want to keep using your favourite sponges, change your cleaning intensity. Be gentler in your cleaning regime.
      #. Rough bathing implements can damage the skin as well as decrease moisture.

         3.   Change the Way You Wash Your Clothes

        Certain laundry detergents and softeners can help to make dry skin worse. People with sensitive skin may be at risk of itching or a loss of moisture by wearing clothes washed in this way. 

        #. Consider purchasing hypoallergenic detergent. This type of washing powder or liquid is designed to be sensitive to problem skin.
        #. If you are prone to eczema or other skin problems, you may also wish to avoid biological washing powders. Non-bio detergent is formulated to be gentler.
        #. Think carefully, too, about the clothes you wear. Woollen clothing can be coarse and irritating. Consider swapping to simple polyesters and cottons.

          4.   Take Care in the Sun

          Sun-damaged skin can be notoriously painful and dry. While there are plenty of products which can help you recover from sun exposure, prevention will be more effective than a cure.

          #. Choose a sun lotion or spray with a high SPF rating. The higher the rating, the better your skin will be protected against the sun’s rays.
          #. Take care to avoid sitting directly in sunlight. While a light tan is healthy, it could lead to extensive skin dryness.
          #. Moisturise your skin before and after being out in the sun.

            5.   Find the Right Moisturiser

            Moisturiser creams and lip balms are ideal for keeping dry, flaking skin at bay. With most major skincare brands offering specialist ranges, you will need to find your ideal lotion.

            #. Moisturise after each time you bathe. Dry off, and lightly apply lotion across your body, or areas where dry skin is prevalent.
            #. Don’t depend on moisturiser entirely. Practice gentle cleaning habits to preserve your skin, and use moisturiser sparingly when a top-up is required.

              While everyone's skin care needs will be slightly different, there are many ways we can all avoid dry skin. If you are worried about skin dryness, always consult your local GP or pharmacist for further advice and guidance.