We are constantly bombarded with images of the perfect faces, hair and bodies on TV, social media and in magazines. It’s probably unsurprising then that modern men are adopting techniques that were previously the domain of women only. Men are paying more attention to their bodies and sales of male grooming products are on the increase.

There’s no shortage of advice and products out there, and the benefits are numerous. If you can commit to a daily routine, it will only be a matter of time before you start seeing results. 

#1. Face Facts

Face washing and moisturising should be an essential part of your daily routine. Using a face scrub or deep cleansing oil that suits your skin type can help unclog your pores and prevent spots and blackheads.

A good moisturiser that includes a sun protection factor will help protect you from exposure to the sun and the effects of pollution. If you add an anti-oxidant serum to the mix, you can reduce the effects of ageing too.

#2. Hair Care

    A good shampoo and conditioner routine has several benefits. It nourishes and strengthens your hair, restores its natural shine and promotes growth. Your scalp will also benefit from soothing ingredients which restore essential oils and prevent flaking. It’s important to find the right products that complement each other so that you maximise the benefits of both.

    #3. Health & Hygiene

      A daily routine to maintain good personal hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for continued good health. Every day, you come into contact with millions of germs and viruses. Simple things like washing your hands, cleaning your nails and brushing your teeth help protect you from disease.


      #4. Groom Your Way to Success

      Whether we like it or not, what we look like and how we present ourselves to the world, have a bearing on our success. Studies have shown that there are many benefits to being perceived as good looking. These include better jobs, higher pay, better-looking partners, and, bizarrely, easier loan applications.

      You might not look like a Hollywood star, but you can make the most of what you’ve got. If you look after yourself and look your best, people will notice and who knows what might follow?

      #5. Have Confidence

        Nothing beats stepping out into the world with confidence. Feeling good and knowing that you look your best gives you a spring in your step. All it needs to take is a simple daily routine.

        Try it for a while and compare yourself with how you were before.

        Making the Right Choice

        There are hundreds of men’s grooming products out there and choosing the right ones for you is difficult. You need to take into account your skin and hair type, whether you’re allergic to any ingredients and how often you want to use them. Your local pharmacy will be able to give you good impartial advice.