Flu season arrives at the end of each year. It’s a very good idea to make sure you are fully protected by the beginning of October. This is especially the case if you are considered ‘at risk’. Vist Streatham Flu Jabs

Here are five reasons why you need to get your flu jab booked as soon as possible.


1. Flu Can Be Deadly

Influenza can affect different people in various ways. However, for some people, the virus could prove fatal.

  • If you have a weakened immune system, your body may not be able to fight off the virus.
  • If you are over the age of 65, you are considered to be more ‘at risk’ than other people.
  • Therefore, getting a flu jab will help you fight off any potential illness.
  • It is crucial to understand how deadly flu can be. If you are worried, always make sure you ask a medical professional for advice.


2. If You Are Pregnant, Your Child May Be at Risk

Concerning the flu, pregnant women are considered ‘at risk’ by both the NHS and private practices.

  • Flu vaccines may reduce the chance of you suffering a miscarriage.
  • Flu can bring on several complications. Severe conditions may put mother and baby at risk, and may even result in premature birth.
  • Pregnant women have an increased risk of developing these conditions.
  • It is recommended you offer your baby the best possible start when it comes to immunity.


3. Flu Can Take You Out of Action

For millions of working adults, flu can have a severe effect on their daily lives.

  • Flu, at its most severe, can prevent people from working for weeks at a time.
  • It may also prevent you from enjoying your favourite activities.
  • The worst flu strains can leave you bed-bound.
  • Flu vaccines will ensure you are protected against any loss of time or income.


4. Flu Jabs Reduce Hospitalisation

Millions of people are admitted to hospital each year unnecessarily.

  • You can reduce the risk of your own hospital visit by having a flu jab.
  • This will also lessen the strain on local hospital and medical resources.
  • Hospitalisation can take weeks or even months out of your life.
  • This can apply to people of all ages. Children, healthy adults and the elderly can all be hospitalised with severe flu if unvaccinated.


5. Flu Jabs Are Available Right Now

While you should be vaccinated by the beginning of October, jabs are now available for you to book for.

  • Flu jabs are in high demand. If you are at risk, you must book as soon as possible to claim your place.
  • If you are not considered ‘at risk’, you can book for a flu jab privately or via the NHS.
  • It makes sense to book a flu jab as soon as possible. October is only a rough estimation for the start of the current flu season.

If you are worried or concerned about the flu, always make sure to talk to your GP or nurse for more information.