It’s no secret that women who wear makeup have a hard time applying sunscreen. You are constantly being instructed to reapply our sunscreen every few hours as if we’re not even wearing makeup. What is that about?!

The Golden Routine

1) As part of the routine, before any makeup is applied, you can apply a light-based eye cream. This is to provide extra protection and hydration around the eyes.

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2) Apply a base a face moisturiser of your choice. Ensure that it is a non-SPF moisturiser as we will be applying our SPF momentarily.

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3) Squeeze a fair amount of sunscreen onto your fingertips, apply it to your face starting from the centre of your face and blending it out towards your hairlines. Make sure you cover every inch of your face with the sunscreen.


Rub it in on the back of your neck, the front of your neck and your chest.

Fun Fact: Did you know, your chest is one of the first areas that show ageing?

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4) Apply your make up


5) Maintaining the look whilst reapplying SPF.

5.1 - A common product that you can use is known as a mineral powder. With most products, there is a vast range of them. The recommended version here is that the product is sweat resistant, SPF 45+. To apply the mineral powder, you can simply just dab the powder over your makeup, neck and chest. To maintain your look, use translucent formula.

5.2 - (Recommended, Simple Solution but effective)

A very popular product with Streatham Pharmacy is using a sunny mist with the SPF of 50. 

Simply shake and hold the spray at an arms distance from your face and spray. This product will allow you to maintain your look as well as keep your well SPFed. 

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It is important to keep your moisturiser with SPF. Without taking sunscreens seriously, it can be very damaging to your skin, as an adult and especially as a child. In some cases, too much intake of the sun without protection can cause cancer.