It's no hidden secret that we suffer from dry, oily and dirty skin. With these top tips for an amazing routine, it will hydrate, cleanse and well moisturise your face. The routine is designed to work with you on a daily basis, it's important to keep your face cleansing routine active for optimal results.

To achieve the best results, we will be using a series of La Roche Posay products. The first product we're going to need is a Purifying Foaming Cleanser and the second product is going to the Tolerine Double Repair Moisturiser UV.

Step #1 - Cleansing

Cleanse the skin by gently applying the Tolerine Purifying Foaming Cleanser in a circular motion on your skin. This cleanser is great for removing eye and face make up too. 


Step #2 - Moisturising

Apply the Double Repair Moisturiser UV in small circular motions on the face. This moisturiser provides hydration to the skin and protects it with SPF 30