Female Facial Hair

Some women are prone to have excessive amounts of course hair on body areas where men typically grow hair, most especially the face.  Genetics play a key role to this and so does ancestry. The Mediterranean, South Asian and Middle Eastern women are more prone to this situation.

Hirsutism is a condition of male-pattern hair growth occurring in women.  It is a medical condition that results from excess male hormones called androgens which is primarily testosterone.

It can also be caused by hormonal changes right around the time of puberty or menopause.  Polycystic ovaries (PCOS) is a common medical condition wherein some women get increased facial hair associated with weight gain or irregular periods. 

Causes of Female Facial Hair

Hair loss can happen for many different reasons, symptoms of hair loss may include

•  Medicines, such as minoxidil which is taken for high blood pressure

• Congenital adrenal hyperplasia - a hereditary condition which affects the adrenal glands (which produce sex hormones)

• Cushing’s Syndrome or Acromegaly - rare hormonal disorders

• Being overweight or obese

• an ovarian tumor


Eflornithine cream (115mg/gm) (Vaniqa)


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